From my experience of moving from place to place since childhood, I have been conscious of the things I leave behind and the place I belong to, experiencing my 'shifting' state of identity in different environments.

The objects I collect are mostly fragmented parts of familiar objects that are thrown away from everyday usage: toilet paper roll, tire tube, tea bags, scraps from studios, partition board with holes. After their use and function, and released from one's possession or system, objects are abstracted and left anonymous with a sense of lost-identity.

These objects are arranged in ensembles through balancing its physicality, where the pure form, color, and materiality take over the original use value. They meet at a tangent point, unsuspended by neither being glued nor nailed; they are more likely just 'being there' temporally in the space they share, in dialogue with the other objects. These seemingly unrelated objects' juxtaposition and their impermanent assemblages reflect a larger phenomenon in contemporary visual culture being the result of excess of choice, where the stories about efficiency, re-use, transparency, and the power and beauty of bare essentiality arise.

My work explores the sculptural language of a state of 'pause', a suspension of both weightlessness and timelessness, with the familiar and identifiable objects' physicality. This moment of objects 'in shift', is pursued through my concentrated and poetic dialogue with the objects.

Processed through my intuitive engagement with objects, space, and repetition (of materials or gestures) in a searchingly and playful way, the haptic sensory and ritualistic nature is inherent. This I believe bridges the nature of everyday gestures, craftsmanship, and the ancient alchemical process. (2009)